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Easy Tips To Keep Your Skin Firm

Restore Collagen. Do everything you can to restore and keep up the creation of collagen.  Eat foods that aid in the production of collagen and use products that do the same.  Facial sheet masks that target collagen are an excellent addition to anyone’s skin regime. 

Protect Your Eyes.  Big sunglasses and eye creme for day and night are a must.

Sunscreen.  Use sunscreen everyday even if you know you are going to be indoors. The sun is the skin’s worst enemy. Use SPF 30 or higher. After sun, apply moisturizer or even better, a sheet mask to replace lost hydration. 

Antioxidants.  They protect skin from all the environmental issues that harm the skin.  Eat foods that include antioxidants like berries and use products that contain antioxidants—Vitamins A and C are the most beneficial.

Moisturize and Hydrate.  Daily moisturizers help protect against free-radical damage (environmental damage).  Skin that is not hydrated will be damaged even more so use a daily moisturizer even if you are staying indoors.  Think of it as a protective moisture barrier. Pamper and reward your skin often with deep moisturizing treatments like Sheet Masks where you skin is drenched in hydration for an extended period of time.

Don’t smoke. No smoking. Smoking destroys collagen and elastin and creates lines all around your lips that cannot be removed. Not to mention what smoking  does to your lungs, lips, mouth, throat, etc.

Eat the best foods. Foods packed with vitamin C and zinc are great. Also eat more fatty fish (such as salmon), dark green vegetables (broccoli), almonds, and walnuts. Drink lots of water and tea too. 

Stay Away from Sugar. All types of sugar, including artificial sugar will prematurely age skin and weaken collagen and elastin.

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