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5 Best Anti-Aging Tips

I love lists.  I think most people do.  If your a busy person you probably have at least one list in your office and one list in your kitchen.  Busy people love anything “at a glance” so here are our 5 anti-aging tips for winter.

anti aging tips

1. Wear sunscreen.  Yes, you need to wear sunscreen in the winter and even if the sun is not out. Nothing weathers your skin more than the sun. The sun SPEEDS UP the aging process by damaging your collagen so sunscreen is a must each day. Only if you’re sick in bed, can you skip it. 

2. Wash your face and moisturize twice a day and only wash your hair when it needs it. Washing your hair too much dries it out. 

anti aging tips

3. Cool it in the shower.  It’s so tempting to power on the hot water to warm up in the winter but hot water strips your skin of essential oils and moisture.  If your mirror is steaming up, your water is too hot.

4. Cut back on sugar.  It dehydrates your skin, causes inflammation, and creates premature wrinkling.  

                                                       anti aging sheet mask

5. Sleep on your back.  This might be tough for long term side sleepers but sleeping on your back will help fight off wrinkles. Work with gravity, not against it. 

The winter air is so drying to give your skin an extra treatment of moisture once a week.  A sheet mask is a great option. Shop for Mantra Masks here. 

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Happy Holidays to all!