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This year find an easy skincare regimen that is:

  •  Easy to stick to
  •  Cost Efficient
  •  Makes a difference

Nourish your skin five times a month with all natural mask treatments filled with peptides and amino acids that lift, firm and hydrate. You will see a difference!  The BEST part about being a club member is you are the first to try any new products we have in trial for free.

We’ll make it easy for you….Become a member of the mantra club!

For $55 per month we will send 5 masks directly to you.  Not seeing a difference? You can stop your membership anytime.Go with the mantra club and get plumped, hydrated and better looking skin!

monthly subscription

Monthly Subscription

CBD Masks


CBD sheet masks
monthly subscription


CBD Masks

$50 every 3 months