Meet Our Formulator

Dr. Simeroth has a career of more than forty years as a research scientist and research engineer both as a “hands-on” scientific researcher and at the Director and Vice President of R & D level.  He has served as a Chief Technical Officer in three major corporations and directed a number of university research projects.

Since 2008, for the past ten years, Dr. Simeroth has been a scientific researcher and formulator of technically advanced skin care products.  During this time period he has formulated four skin care lines and also writes and lectures on scientific advances in skin care.   Dr. Simeroth continues to design and support the Mantra Mask product line of advanced sheet masks for skin care.  Prior to this Dr. Simeroth was a consultant in biotechnology relating to skin rejuvenation and skin care product development for two skin care companies in 2008 and 2009. 

From June, 2004 to June, 2008, Dr. Simeroth directed, in cooperation with the faculty, three research projects in biochemistry at three Universities – State University of New York, University of Texas, Austin, and University of Dayton.  The research project at University of Texas had as one objective a unique bacterial fabrication of artificial skin for burn victims.  At State University New York the research project developed a unique cellular identification methodology for detecting molecular level biochemicals.

Prior to this Dr. Simeroth served as Vice President of R & D for three large public companies over a period of twenty years.

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