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What’s in YOUR Mask?

No doubt sheet masks are the IT beauty product right now, and for good reason. Have you ever masked? They really do work. When I peel off a mask my skin is undoubtedly hydrated, my fine lines are lessened, I glow! But now that masks are EVERYWHERE  – Hello, Old Navy checkout line –  the question is: Are all masks created equal? Well, like all beauty products the answer is no. In fact, some masks are downright toxic! Don’t be fooled by the cute packaging, you’ve got to flip it over and see what’s inside.

 So what do you buy and how do you know? I think the best rule of thumb is to avoid the big bad words in skincare:





Sometimes these big bad words are masked as other big bad words and it’s very confusing! I recently heard something related to food that makes sense with skincare too: The more natural the food you put in your body, the less you have to count calories. I think the same applies here, the more natural the ingredients in your skincare, the less you have to worry about what is going on your skin.

 Have you ever checked out the ingredients on any of the three Mantra Masks? All natural and vegan ingredients and NEVER any of the big bad works in skincare.

 So next time you grab that cute colorful mask at the checkout line, flip it over. You’ll probably be very surprised at what you see. Then put on a Mantra Mask and know that you are feeding your skin with the most natural, non-toxic, yummy face food out there.