LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy


We searched high and low for the BEST LED Light Therapy that is safe and effective.   If you use this light AND your normal skincare routine, you can sit back and watch your skin transform.

This mask has 5 different setting

RED LIGHT: promoting collagen proliferation, improving wrinkles, effective treatment of aging.  YELLOW:  4-5 times a week in conjunction with your regular skincare routine.

YELLOW LIGHT: Curing skin roughness, red spots and deficient circulations, re face, pigment precipitation.

BLUE LIGHT: Bacteria killing, skin cleansing, cell activation, acne skin.

INFRARED LIGHT: boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, enhance tone.

LIPO LASER: remove stubborn pockets of fat.




The Photons Mask is specifically designed to deliver LED light therapy to the face, treating some of the most visible signs of acne and aging. With a padded frame and cutout for the eyes, the Photons Mask allows for comfortable treatment of the skin while relaxing, sitting or lying down. Regular use of the blue LED light with the Photons Mask is one of our most recommended methods to help treat facial acne caused by the buildup of oil and bacteria. Treatments with the red LED light will help decrease signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun spots, and sagging by activating the fibroblasts to produce collagen in the underlying skin. For those looking to decrease redness and pain in the face, the Photons Mask includes yellow and infrared LED therapy settings. It’s minimalistic frame, measuring 11” tall, 7.5” wide, and 3.5” deep, makes it easy to store while not in use.

*Goggles / Eye Protection included.*

LED Light Therapy

LED light Therapy