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Do You have Brain Fog??

Does this sound at all familiar to you? Every day around 4pm I literally just want to go to sleep. Doesn’t matter if I went to bed at 10 or 11:30, wine or not, if I got up extra early or “slept in” until 6:45.

Also – my memory is shot. The other day I was trying to remember one of my daughter’s friend’s names. This is a girl who comes up in conversation every day and is at my house, in my kitchen, at least three times a week. It wasn’t like I couldn’t remember her name but it took WAY too long… and is scared me!

What is happening? I have been talking to friends and it seems to be almost the norm. We all have “brain fog”.  

When you look on the Internet there are SO many things you can do to shake the fog. I thought I would start with just three easy ones for seven days and cross my fingers that there might be a little more clarity and energy in my life at the end!

Here are three things I am trying, and one I am NOT. You gotta know yourself and what will work for you!

  1. VITAMIN B12

I’m going to take my multivitamin EVERY day, I swear!

I started talking a multivitamin with Fish Oil about a year ago. I didn’t notice a big difference at the time, but in the last few months I have just gotten lazy and haven’t been talking them. Whenever I look into my cabinet and see my expensive, organic Women’s multivitamin looking back at me, I just feel really guilty, but not guilty enough to take it! It is a monster pill to get down. Then I read this:

Healthprep.comsays, Vitamin B23 deficiencies are very common and can result in fatigue, poor memory, mental fogginess, and even depression. Vitamin B12 assists with the proper operation of the nervous system, including the brain. It has been proven that people with higher levels of vitamin B12 have less brain shrinkage as they age. Taking a vitamin B12 supplement when suffering from a deficiency is helpful in boosting memory, mental clarity, and overall mood.”

OK, I did know that all the Vitamin Bs are important for us middle aged women, I am getting back on track with this and vow to get these gigantic horse pills down!

    I can do this!

Everyone knows what peppermint smells like, so it’s no secret that it’s probably the most popular oil for stimulating the mind. I do have some peppermint oil… sitting upstairs… in my medicine cabinet… unused… with about 10 other essential oils. Oops. I seem to think that if I am not adding them to a diffuser or have just the perfect essential oil roll on bottle, they can’t be used. Well, I am running upstairs now to keep the peppermint at my desk or in my purse. Just a big whiff of it should help turn my brain back to “on”! I am going to give it a try.


I vow to put it in my morning smoothie.

I do (once in a while) put collagen powder into in my smoothies. I’ll have to admit, I take it because of the claims that it makes your skin glow-y, more youthful and vibrant.  It turns out that it’s good for the brain too. says “Scientists from the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease (GIND), UCSF, and Stanford have discovered that a certain type of collagen, collagen VI, protects brain cells against amyloid-beta (Aβ) proteins, which are widely thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease (AD)” 

Ok, Collagen powder is on the counter, I got this! Let’ s see if after 7 days I am a little less foggy and a little more glow-y!

And then there’s this: INTERMITTENT FASTING

Um, this is a no go for me, but never say never!

Intermittent Fasting is the new buzz word/buss diet. There are different methods but it involves a fasting/not fasting cycle. According to it  It may support weight loss, improve blood sugar, boost brain function and increase longevity.”

It definitely shows up in articles about reducing brain fog but I feel like it’s the opposite for me. When I hit high level brain fog I usually need a good carb/protein snack and that helps pull me out of it. A lot of times I think my hunger brings on the fatigue. I guess the bottom line is listing to your body – you know what’s worth trying and what works for YOU.

Well friends, hopefully this 7-day trial will help with my Brain Fog, and that this helped has you figure out a plan with yours as well! Now go sniff that peppermint!