Real Life and Brain Fog

Doesn’t it seem like we just went form 0 to 60 in less then a minute?

Just when we were getting used to COVID life and the slow down of it all, BOOM – real life is back.

Last March, our schedules came to a halt, office work came into our homes and social plans went finito. It was all so shocking.

Now it seems like we are getting a bit of normal life back. School is starting, kids are going to college, some offices are opening up.

Here’s the problem: my brain isn’t ready!

I, and so many of my friends, are suffering from Brain Fog right now. Just not feeling quite sharp as we used to. My brain went on hiatus and I need it back!
According to, “when dealing with it, you might experience:

-Trouble putting thoughts together

-Difficulty concentrating or remembering what you were doing

-Physical or mental exhaustion
-Lack of motivation and interest in the things you’d usually do

-Thoughts that seem hazy or difficult to grasp

That’s pretty much how I am feeling. Yes to ALL!

So, what can we do when an extra cup of coffee not only doesn’t help, but seems to put us into a dehydrated spiral?

It turns out that Brain Fog not only comes from not really using your noggin, but can be a symptom of several issues, including anxiety and stress.
So how do we get out of this Brain Fog mess?

There are many suggestions online so you really have to experiment and see what works for you. I am going to make a point to do the 4 things below every day to get myself balanced and say Bye Bye to Brain Fog. The key is sticking to it and being consistent.

1. Make sure to get my B-12 vitamins. I am committed to my vitamins every day, not just a few times a week when I feel like it.

2. Drink up! Water that is. Dehydration is a major factore for Brain Fog. I know this contributes to mine. I’ve made myself a water goal that I am going to track every day.

3. Good Sleep: 8-9 hours a night. This is hard during summer when teens with late curfews are coming in at 12. Now that school is here we can all get on a good sleep schedule.

4. Take time EVERY DAY to purposefully deal with stress and anxiety. I am pledging to myself that every day I will take time to sit with a good book and a Mantra Mask on my face, mediate or do a yoga flow. 

Hopefully these factors help to get my brain back on track. Good luck and hope we can all be thinking clearly soon!

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