Do you feel like all day, every day, you are making a million little decisions?

Should I go to the store for a few things or wait for one big trip?
Can we have people over in the backyard?
Should I go to the dentist or wait?
Is the beach open?
Can we go on a vacation?
Can we see the grandparents?
Is it risky to get a pedicure?
Is Starbucks safe?

For the past few months, the little things we used to not even think about have become big
decisions. It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

Who’s with me? How are you coping?

For me, it helps to:
Make decisions together. I talk to my husband and we share our perspective and decide
what’s best for the family. I talk to friends and talk to my kids. We share our info and what we
have read. It helps lessen the burden!

Exercise! My daily walk is more important than ever. It recharges my battery and gets my
stressed out body back in order.

I’ve upped my at-home beauty routine. It’s now become part of my relaxing ritual. I look
forward to taking the time to put in a hair mask, put on a sheet mask, give myself a pedicure. I
used to race around to fit beauty care and appointments into my life, now beauty rituals are a
favorite stay-at-home activity. And even more fun when my daughters and I do them together.

Please share what you have brought into your life these past few months to “lessen the load”!

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