Sleep is everything. A good night’s sleep can make you feel like Wonder Woman the next day. A bad night’s sleep can make you feel like The Wicked Witch of the West.

I feel like everyone I talk to is suffering from Covid Sleep. The general stress we’ve all been under since March is taking its toll on us in so many ways. Restless sleep is one of the common complaints I keep hearing from friends. So – I’ve asked my friends that have figured it out: What is helping you sleep like a baby? Hope these tips work for you, they did help for me!


Clean Sheets

Have you seen that meme that says “Welcome to Middle Age. Clean Sheet Night Excites You Now.” Funny and sooo true. But why does it excite us? Because we DO sleep better on clean sheets! I have a friend that religiously showers every single night before she goes to bed, no matter what. It helps her to relax but she also says it’s so her sheets stay clean. She also NEVER sleeps on sheets more than a week old. That is all a big commitment but let me tell you… she sleeps like a baby!

Put Away the Phone

Ever since my very-light-sleeper husband started going to bed earlier than me, he complained about me having my reading light on. No problem, I just started reading books on my phone or ipad… which often lead to just scrolling instagram. I knew that the light from the phone was doing something to my brain but things changed for me when I read a Harvard Study stating, “Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. Even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion.” I knew I had to make some new habits at night and I started to put down the phone way before bed time. It made such a difference. I went to bed earlier, and truly felt like I was sleeping longer stretches through the night. Thanks Harvard, you guys know a thing or two.

A Cup of Tea

This is truly like a warm hug. Not sure if it’s scientific but something about the soothing, warm liquid is just incredibly relaxing and sleep-inducing. My mom is a consistent evening tea drinker. She says not only is it relaxing but now when she makes her tea, it’s like a signal to her body. It’s a point in the evening where she can transition from hustle and bustle to evening calm.

Find a Mantra

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and thoughts and worries race through your head? Then you are completely wired for what feels like an hour – or more? Well, I figured it out! I found my Mantra “I am Calm and Peaceful”. It’s just like counting sheep. It takes my mind off my worries, settles me down, and has cut down on the racing thoughts that are never – by the way – as daunting in the morning!

Have a Comforting Beauty Ritual

So many of my friends use the evening to take some time to nurture themselves. Maybe one night that can mean a bath, another night it might be doing their nails, a few times a week it’s a relaxing sheet mask. This can trigger a relaxation response that helps your body to calm down and settle in, getting ready to sleep! It’s also so nice to wake up with glowing skin or a fresh manicure to start your day. WIn win.

I hope some tips that work for my friends and I will work for you! And above all, I wish you a GOOD night’s sleep. Share any of yours in the comments!

Mantra Mask

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