Acne and CBD

Acne and CBD

Chances are you have suffered from acne, or you have a child that has suffered from acne. If you have a teen with acne, it’s a long, heartbreaking road. 

This is the acne truth: acne is tricky, stubborn, and so so irritating. You have probably tried everything – less sugar, face wipes immediately after soccer games, different sunscreen, less greasy foods, and sometimes NONE of it works. This last year and a half of mask-wearing has made many things in these kids’ lives challenging, including the unfortunate side effect of yet, MORE ACNE.

There are so many treatments out there, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What worked for your friend’s daughter  – chances are, won’t work for yours. 

But there is ALWAYS an end in sight! Here are a few things (outside of the usual info) that we have learned along the way:

Stick with it!

It takes at least four weeks for any treatment to really start working. Often up to THREE MONTHS!  After a few weeks, we’ve switched LOTS of cleansers, topicals, etc., thinking we were on the wrong track.  But, don’t switch treatments before they get a chance to work. That can create MORE breakouts and irritated skin as well. It’s hard, but be patient. 

Wash gently!
Your skin with acne is under attack. No scrubbing needed, I repeat. Be kind to it, don’t make acne angry!

CBD fights Acne!

All this acne heartache is what made us here at Mantra Mask look for an all-natural answer and it’s our trifecta of:
+CBD Anti-Blemish Sheet Mask
+CBD Charcoal Cleanser
+CBD Protective Collagen Spray

Guess what, and it’s been fantastic for our kids, our friends (hormonal acne hits us in our 40s too!), and many customers too. The power of CBD in skincare is possible, and it is excellent at fighting acne. Here’s why:

What does CBD do to acne:
Our bodies produce sebum. Sebum is a waxy, oily substance produced in the skin. Sebum protects our skin from the outside world, but sometimes there is over-production, and it can also mix with dirt and other pollutants, which clogs pores and creates acne. CBD helps by managing the production of sebum – in a 2014 study, researchers found that the CBD prevented sebum-creating sebocyte cells from producing too much of the oily sebum. Although many factors influence acne, not just excess sebum production, getting sebum under control is a BIG step #1 to getting acne under control.

Another study showed that the cannabis plant has antibacterial and antifungal effects that can help reduce infection from dirt and other pollutants on the skin, leading to acne.
And, of course, CBD is probably most known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which help calm down oil-producing glands, having a positive impact on acne as well.

And – because Mantra Mask products are all-natural, they aren’t too harsh and work wonderfully in conjunction with other acne medications. And we didn’t even talk about ALL of the other natural acne-fighting ingredients in Mantra Mask acne products: charcoal, turmeric, and the list go on and on… follow our blogs for the latest acne-fighting info! In the meantime, try our 1-2-3 trifecta to beat acne, naturally!