Our Top At-Home Beauty Hacks

Every Cloud has a silver lining, right? 

Well, ONE good thing to come out of this year is that we’ve been forced to figure out our at-home, budget-friendly beauty hacks.  Guess what THEY ARE KEEPERS! It’s pretty eye-opening to realize that expensive spa treatments, serums, and products are not always the answer. There are so many inexpensive ALL-NATURAL options right at home. Here are some of our favorites!

1.Coconut Oil 

Get yourself a massive tub of coconut oil for your bathroom. It’s the best natural go-to for:

+ Taking off eye make-up (with a Q-tip!),

+ An overnight hair mask, 

+ Quick nighttime face cleaning/moisturizing. Use coconut oil with a make-up pad for makeup removal, especially on those lazy nights when you just can’t muster the energy to wash your face. It not only takes off the makeup but is a natural moisturizer as well. Lazy girls everywhere, take note!

Not only is coconut oil super hydrating, but it can also reduce inflammation in your skin. And it’s super gentle so perfect around your delicate eye area, one of the reasons we put it in our CBD Coconut Eye Gels. They are the bomb!

  1. All-Natural Nail Love 

Missing your manicure? Mix a bit of sugar with lemon juice and honey, then use the mixture as a scrub to clean and soften your hands. You’ll be amazed. Go the extra step and push back your cuticles. Your nails will be fresh and revived with safe all-natural products. 

FYI: Not only does honey keep your cuticles soft and supple, but it fights bacteria and fungal growth too. 

  1. Sheet Mask Facial 

Missing your facial? We got you. 

Wash your face thoroughly with Mantra Mask CBD Charcoal Cleanser. The Activated Charcoal absorbs and washes away excess skin oil, removes toxins and impurities in the skin, and cleans pores. Follow up with a Mantra Mask CBD Collagen Mask. It’s packed with all-natural elements that will make your skin glow and reduce fine lines. How can it not with over 22 amino peptides, including CBD and hyaluronic acid? All the good stuff!

And hey, got acne, or Maskne? Our CBD Blemish Mask is clarifying and detoxing with all-natural ingredients as well. It’s keeping our Maskne at bay, and we love that we aren’t putting harsh elements on our teens’ faces either. Check out our whole line of CBD Sheet Masks; you might find that expensive facial is SO 2019. 

Try some of our beauty hacks and share yours! You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. You got this!


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