40 Reasons to use a sheet mask

1. Super easy to use
2. Plumps the fine lines
3. A lot cheaper than a facial
4. The comfort of your home
5. An excuse to relax
6. Cleansing
7. Instant results
8. Great time to have wine
9. Hydration
10. Hydration
11. Hydration
12. Scare your husband
13. Celebrities do it
14. ALL NATURAL – Mantra Masks are!
15. Perfect time to meditate
16. You’ll look soooo good after
17. An excuse to slow down and sit down
18. Also an excuse to watch Real Housewives
19. Self care = less stressed
20. Less stressed = Happier person
21. Happier + Less stress = YES!
22. Spa time without spa prices
23. Detoxifying
24. Anti-inflammatory
25. You might fall asleep for a 20-minute power nap
26. Girlfriends Night IN! (GNI)
27. Hydrate your skin on a long place flight
28. Something to do with your Mother-in-Law
29. Fight Acne
30. Serums go deep into the skin
31. Easy to throw in an overnight bag
32. After sun care for your face
33.Look less tired than you feel
34. No needles for plumping
35. Complete skin nourishment
36. Paraben-Free if you Mantra Mask
37. Brighten your skin
38. Spa luxury – on a shoestring budget
39. Perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning
40. You will GLOW!!!!

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