This is a holiday season like no other. We are emerging from a pandemic, we can be with our loved ones again, and we are putting more value on the people in our lives and not the stuff. 

On our wish list this holiday season? Things you can’t buy:

  1. Being together.
  2. A sense of peace & calm.
  3. Taking time from the everyday hustle and bustle to be present with our loved ones. 

But also – let’s face it; it is enjoyable giving gifts (and receiving too!) 

And gift-giving is a love language as well. 

So what ARE people shopping for this year? Just looking at the top google searches, we can get an idea-

Perfume is way UP! That makes sense. How much perfume did YOU wear during the pandemic? Not much reason to wear any, right? Now that we are out and about, it’s time to stock up and spray on!

A couple of other highly searched items make a lot of sense because they are left over pandemic habits that have now become a way of life. Searches for “wireless gaming headset” grew by 100%, and searches for the term “single-player games” have increased by 600%!

Ok, people, put down the video games and GET OUT IN THE WORLD! 

What else isn’t such a surprise? Health and beauty items are way up too. So let’s talk

Holiday Beauty Trends.

That uncolored hair that was in a top bun last year? It’s time to take it seriously and glow up. What I like to call “hairstyling for dummies” are hot items this year. (I can say that because I own three of them!) They are the curling wand that rotates itself, the hairdryer brush that does it all. For those of us that forgot how to do our hair – or never really knew how to in the first place –  these are AMAZING. And make great gifts too!

Skincare is up next: As masks come off, our faces are coming out!

It’s oh-so-lovely to see all the smiling faces again! The joy of at-home beauty and wellness. For so many of us, it is a trend that we will not let go of. 

One item that many people started using? Sheet Masks. 

When you can’t go and get a facial, bring a mini-facial to you! They have become such a hit the market value for sheet masks worldwide is increasing and is expected to grow from about 32.76 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to nearly 51 billion dollars in 2025.

Why do people love sheet masks? 

  1. When you put on a sheet mask, it’s an immediate boost of essential vitamins and hydration for your skin. Korean standards of achieving flawless, glass-like skin are “goals” for just about every woman, and sheet masks are an essential part of the Korean woman’s skincare routine!
  2. The mask base is soaked in essential nutrients and ingredients in serums that can boost moisture and hydration. With Mantra Mask, each sheet mask is all-natural, with anti-inflammatory CBD. With a line of 7 masks, Mantra targets what YOU want with soothing, purifying, anti-aging, and anti-oxidant properties. Got acne? We got a mask. Pore Refining? Got that too! Check out the whole Mantra Mask line here
  3. What else are sheet masks good for? Instant skincare – which has long-term benefits when used consistently. When wearing a sheet mask, the thin fibers are a barrier that locks in the vital nutrients seeping into the skin. This hydration and nutrient surge leaves the skin feeling supple, fresh, and glowing. They are perfect for a big night out, but consistent use (3-4 times a week) means long-term change!

So if you still have people on your list, give the gift of Mantra Mask Sheet Masks this holiday. It is truly a nurturing gift, telling your loved one to sit back, relax, and GLOW!

The Mantra Mask Holiday Kit is the perfect place to start!

For $35.00, a $55 value that includes: 

-1 Anti-Aging sheet mask

-1 Pore Refining sheet mask

-1 Collagen sheet mask

-2 Coconut Eye Gels

For all skin types and packed up oh-so-cute!

Shop now, don’t delay!