Gift Box It!

In this day and age of “Amazon-ing it” for lots of our gifts, we at Mantra Mask love the idea of cultivating a gift box for the ladies in our life. From girlfriends to mother-in–laws, there is something really special about putting together a few things that are meaningful and specific to that person. Here are a few ideas to get you started, share yours below too!

  1. Podcast Box: List your favorite podcast recommendations with some new ear buds because everyone needs extra earbuds – especially if you have kids that steal yours! Or throw in the new cute fanny pack from Lululemon. The BEST walk companion and just $38!

  2. Self -Care Box: slippers, candle, magazine or book, bottle of wine or yummy tea with a mug, essential oils, and Mantra Mask of course!

  3. Spicy Margarita Box: Order the Hella Cocktail Habanera Mixer on Amazon or find a similar one at your grocery store and a couple cute glasses at TJ Maxx. Throw in some limes to make it cute. Viva la Mexico!

  4. Glow box: Mantra Mask Charcoal Cleanser, CBD Collagen Mask, and of course CBD Coconut Eye Gels! Great party prep.

  5. Book Worm box: I still love holding an actual book. Pick out a couple favorites and add a warm throw (Kohl’s has great ones) or fuzzy pullover and the Itty Bitty Book light. Oh and if it’s for grandma have your kids make a bookmark with a family pic. If your giftee reads on her Kindle, get a gift card!

  6. Sweet Dreams box: Put a Manta Sleep mask (I swear by this!) and some good sleepy time tea. My favorite is “get some zzz’s” by Well Teas. Top it off with some fuzzy socks or a lavender essential oil.

  7. Hair Care Box: Why note share your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or dry shampoo? I am always looking for a magical hair care serum. I LOVE when my friends share their hair care tips! Throw in some cute accessories like those no-dent ponytail holders.