Did you know that it’s common that women can experience Rosacea when they hit their late 40’s and early 50’s even though they had no issue with it in their earlier life?  Not many women know this and its usually a shock when it happens. To make matters worse, its about the same time women start getting ‘hot flashes’ and the beginning of symptoms of menopause.   

Roseaca is a skin condition that creates redness.  It’s typically an overall redness but can also include red bumps that look like spider bites. These red dots are actually blood vessels. It can last a few weeks, or a few months, or even years. The symptoms can be mild to severe, but our advise to anyone with Rosacea is do not panic! 

Recently a woman came to us with a history of Roseasa and we were happy to be able to help her. We strongly believe panic and stress makes Rosease worse so step one, try to eliminate stressful enviroments. 

When Sheila first started to notice the redness she mistook it for sunburn and didn’t think much about it because it didn’t hurt. It was difficult for her to use her usual make up due to the new color of her skin but she thought it was a temp situation so she just waited for the ‘sun burn’ to go away.

Months went by and the ‘sunburn’ did not diminish but she wasn’t alarmed because she thought “ya can’t help be in the sun each day when you live in California”. 

One day after an argument with her husband, she was horrified to see that her face was a deep red color as though she had dipped her face in red paint!  

Calls to friends and family were not helpful so she made an appointment with a dermatologist and that is when she learned about Rosacea. 

The doctor recognized it immediately and advised “it’s common for women in their late 40’s”. He further advised he sees at least two middle aged women per day with Rosasea.

He gave her an injection, a prescription of Sulfur soap, and a gel commonly used for acne, and told her to return in a month.

24 hours later her skin was back to normal and she continues to use the Sulfur soap every day.

Now that she has the Roseasa under control she wanted something calming, moisturizing, and all natural to use on her skin once a week or so and a sheet mask was the perfect choice for her.   

We recommend anyone suffering from Roseasa see a dermatologist as soon as possible and try to minimize stress.

Our calming Mantra Mask is a great option for anyone who is seeking a calming treatment for their skin and remember a little face powder tinted with Yellow can help cut redness too.   


Sheet mask for redness, rosacea

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