So far I have been very lucky with my health. Knock knock on wood. I don’t take that for granted.

 I really love to read blogs, articles, research, and just figure out everything I can about a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it gets me down because it is so overwhelming and it makes me feel like I am not doing enough of the really healthy stuff for myself and my family. (What is ghee anyway?) So after my last gyno yearly appointment, I really appreciate that she said two things to me about this time in life. Not a million, and not just a “Goodbye, see you next year!”

What my doctor said…

1. Are you getting enough vitamin D and calcium?

Ummm… I think so? I ran through my diet and my multivitamin in my head. Bottom line is you need Vitamin D and Calcium in your life. Right now.

Vitamin D plays an important role in protecting your bones, both by helping your body absorb calcium and by supporting muscles. Midlife we can really help fend off the dreaded broken hips of our older years! We need to do the work now.

2. Keep moving.

My doctor knows I am active so since she felt the need to say it to me, I took this as something that is pretty important. Don’t stop moving, Do it every day. If it’s not part of your life, just walk about the block today. Climb the stairs a couple of times at work. Get out of your desk and MOVE your body.

I was recently helping out at a senior center and the woman in charge of the Meals on Wheels program was telling us that she has 90-somethings delivering meals to 70-somethings. The difference, the 90-year-olds MOVE. And they have been moving their whole lives. They are active. The 70-year-olds are usually sitting in front of a TV when the meals come. Active over sedentary wins every time! You don’t have to run a half marathon, just get UP and get OUT! Not only is it imperative for us physically but personally I am not myself the days I can’t get a workout or a walk in.

 Oh, and she didn’t say this but can you imagine how AMAZING your skin will look at 70 if you start masking now? Gotta mention this relaxing and hydrating part of my self-care routine of course!

So MOVE, MASK, and don’t forget the calcium+vitamin D!