Coffee-loving friends, you aren’t going to want to hear this. Believe me, I was right there with you, anything that told me to drink less coffee I avoided at all costs. But you need to listen. You will thank me!

 Less coffee, more water. I know you read it, hear it and ignore it. I did too. And if you are like me you felt validated by every obscure study from some small college that told you how coffee is great! For your brain! For your workout! Of course, I ignored the ones about dehydration and heart palpitations. I relished in those small studies. They validated my love for having a mug in hand while I made lunches, drove to school, sat at the computer.

 Well, the gig is up, it’s time to drop the mug and fill up that hydoflask because it’s time to chug some h2o.

Based on no official study, just my own personal study, it’s a game changer. I was tired of getting a great nights sleep, having a full energy morning and day, then hitting a wall at 4.

Sound familiar? I just couldn’t figure it out. Am I getting enough b12? Is it my diet? I wanted to blame everything but coffee. But I knew the answer.

First thing in the morning, I would race to my coffee pot. I could smell the coffee brewing and it made me so happy. Now I chug a glass of water first, then hit the coffee pot. And I am REALLY trying to limit myself to one cup. And zero cups in the afternoon. It’s not as hard as I thought honestly. I’ve gone from 2-3 cups a day to about 1 and a half. You can do that, right?

 I am no longer on the caffeine teeter-totter. I sleep through the night more often because I am not having that afternoon iced coffee. I don’t hit a 4 pm slump, coming off my coffee high and feeling dehydrated. It’s one of the best health changes I’ve made in a long time. And because we are all about skin care here at Mantra Mask – my skin is happier too!

You can do it… one-half cup at a time!