ho ho ho!

Chances are most of us don’t have “sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads” when we fall asleep during the holiday season. Instead our head are swirling with to do lists and keeping us from a restful night sleep. But it’s hard to enjoy the season exhausted! Here are some of my life hacks to stay rested and energized during the holidays:

  1. Caffeine. Enough said. My go-to winter afternoon drink is Peet’s Golden Tumeric Latte with almond milk. SO GOOD. (Be warned it’s not low on the calories.) For those days you need an extra 2pm pick me up, it’s THE BEST! Plus the turmeric is anti-inflammatory. If my husband and I have a party to go to, we always get an afternoon coffee so we aren’t the sleepy, yawning couple. Sad, but true!

  2. A ginger shot. Yes, you need a chaser. Yes, it burns doing down. But it’s totally invigorating!

  3. Power nap. 20 minutes is ALL you need folks. If you don’t know how to power nap yet, get on board.

  4. Get yourself a sleep mask: When you wake up in the middle of the night PUT IT ON. It has an amazing power to just shut down your brain. My favorite is Manta Mask, they have comfy little “eye pillows”.

  5. Really try not to stay up late this time of year (unless it’s a party!). My all-time best nights of sleep are always after this ritual: I wash your sheets so they are all fresh and cozy, take a warm shower, have a cup of tea or ONE glass of red wine and then GET INTO BED! Once I get into bed…

  6. To turn off the crazy spin cycle of never-ending holiday lists – I turn ON Seinfeld. I know that everything says to not watch TV in bed but my husband and I are addicted to Seinfeld and “laughing” our way to sleep. It totally distracts me from the crazy bedtime thoughts like “I can’t forget to take 29 enchiladas to Suzie’s class party tomorrow” or “Shoot, I forgot the white elephant gift for the soccer party!”. Just push it all away until tomorrow and laugh with or at Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. Warning: DO NOT tell your kids it’s the funniest things ever and to watch it with you. They don’t get it.

  7. Put a Mantra Mask on your face and a mantra in your head: ENJOY THE SEASON, THESE DAYS ARE FLEETING!

Have a joyous and RESTFUL holiday every one!


Mantra Mask