Teens, Acne and the Mask

As my teens struggle with acne, I am struggling too. I feel their pain and want to help them get rid of it fast, but also want to find the safest, most natural solution. I don’t want to look at a list of ingredients and wonder what is going on my kid’s skin and into their bodies. Isn’t all this information at our fingertips making it HARDER to be a mom sometimes?

Well, we have come up with a game plan at our house. The first line of defense against acne is prevention. If we can fend off the zits, then we don’t have to worry about the treatment. It’s not totally possible to keep the zits away, but the following steps have helped my kids tremendously!

Here is our three-pronged plan:

  1. Eat for Clear Skin:

My kids know “Chips Make Zits”. Taking chips and fast food out of the equation has been huge for clear skin at our house. Teenage vanity is a great way to get them to eat better. I try not to totally guilt them but my kids definitely know “fast food gives you zits”. I’ve seen my 16 year-old pass on post baseball game Chick-fil-a to eat at home with the hopes of clearer skin – not always, but more often than not. They also know that lots of water helps clears your face. And – my 13 year old is convinced that salmon has kept her acne at bay so she gets it whenever and whenever you can. Food is medicine  – for your face AND body!

2.Wipes immediately after a workout:

Before treating acne, the first step is getting the dirt and grime off your face. My girls are soccer players and my son is a baseball catcher. The sweaty, dirty catcher’s mask is brutal for skin. The kids are all armed with face wipes in their bags. Granted, I’m not sure if my son uses them but the girls sure do! They know that just getting the sweat, grime and pore-clogging sunscreen off right after practice or games helps a ton.

Teens, acne, and the mask 1
  1. Weekly Treatment:

I have taken my daughter to get a professional facial –and it helped. But it was not cheap. So now we are all about the at-home treatment. That is really what drove the creation of Mantra Masks “Deface the Blemish” Mask. It’s a natural way to tackle acne and full of good stuff for you teen’s skin. There’s no guilt or worry about parabens and it doesn’t break the bank! Plus, My kids love when I put on mask on them. Just like adults, It’s an excuse to sit and watch TV and chill, and they know it’s doing lots of good! 

Teens, acne, and the mask 2

Here’s some of the natural goodness that’s inside the mask:

Canadian Willow Herb: An extract from a Native American plant that has been clinically shown to work in three ways to fight blemishes … 1) anti-bacterial, 2) anti-inflammatory, and 3) reduction of sebum production.

Bakuchiol: A botanical extract that scientific studies show to be effective against blemishes. Kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and helps prevent scarring. A natural,less irritating alternative to retinol. 

Green Tea EGCG: Studies show reduced sebum by 35 percent after four weeks and 55 percent after eight weeks. In other studies Green Tea EGCG was shown to be an effective blemish treatment having antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

In addition, there are of other wonderful natural products like lavender and calendula extract.

So friends, I wish you good luck in these acne-fighting years. I hope this helps you battle the acne at your house in a safe, non-toxic, all natural way! Let’s “Deface the Blemish” together!