Micro Needling: Don't Be Scared!

So wonderful Kim, the founder of Mantra Mask and friend extraordinaire, is always spoiling me with special surprises.

 Kim texted me last week and said that she wanted to treat me to a special thirty-minute facial at a local day spa, actually, it’s a self-proclaimed “transformation spa”. Of course, I said yes, I couldn’t wait to have an excuse to lie back and get a little pampered in the middle of a busy Wednesday. She ended the text with, “It’s not like your usual facial, it won’t be relaxing.” Uh oh.

I walked into the spa and the gal behind the desk quickly said, “Oh, you’re Kim’s friend!” and handed me a jar. “This is numbing cream – put it all over your face and neck too.”

 I’m not going to lie, my heart started racing. “What am I signed up for?” I asked, panicked.

 “Micro Needling.”

 Oh damn.

 What is that and it sounds painful. Am I equipped to put numbing cream on my own face? What if I miss a spot? HOW BIG IS THIS NEEDLE?!?!?!?

 After watching a short video, I was ready. The before and afters sold me. Smooth, tight faces, lessening of dark spots, fresh skin! Maybe I am a sucker but I’ll try anything for vanity once!

I was escorted into my spa room and laid down on the table. The owner came in and very calmly started talking about the procedure.

 “Does it hurt?” – of course that was my first question.

 “Um, not really but if it does, next time let’s wait longer for the numbing cream to set in.”

That didn’t make me feel very good. Next time, yeah right.

 She proceeded to tell me, “This is going to puncture tiny holes in your skin, there’s no blood, and they aren’t even visible. Your body reacts to breaks in the skin and wants to heal it so you will produce collagen to start healing the punctures. I’m getting some good hydrating serum in there too. The collagen will plump your skin and reduce the fine lines. “

 Ok, I’m in.

 The pain was very bearable. The next day I woke up and definitely felt like my fine lines were plumped up, especially the ones around my mouth that drive me crazy. I just had a little more “face confidence” then I had the day before. There was NO downtime either.

 Did it hurt? Yes, a little. It was just a little “prickly” as you would expect but not too painful at all. Would I do it again, YES!!!! It’s not cheap so to find a reputable place that isn’t too pricey is the key. I do feel like there are skincare deals all around – you just have to look!

 Bottom line – I tried it, I liked it, I saw results, and I’ll do it again!

 Don’t be scared, and Happy Micro Needling!