Old Eyes New Again!

Let's talk about our eyes and aging.

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

Such a beautiful thought and so true.

“The eyes are the first place to show your age.”

Kind of depressing and also very true.

And honestly, the eyes are the LEAST easy place to treat, in my opinion.

There are a couple things going on with this eye area that make it really hard to “feel fresh as a daisy” at 45+ years old:

First of all, the skin is really thin around the eyes so it crinkles and wrinkles easily.

Second, the skin around your eyes is lacking in sebaceous glands and collagen and elastin fibers. Another strike against a wrinkle-free eye area.

Third, think about how hard the skin around your eyes is working. There are 22 muscles around your eye and they are always in perpetual motion. The average person blinks 10,000 times per day!

So there are A LOT of things that fast forward the aging in the eye area compared to other parts of our face.

The good news is it’s not altogether hopeless. A quick Google search and I found that you can do laser on the skin around your eyes. Botox too if you have the money, the time, the commitment and don’t mind taking your beauty a step further.

Personally, that freaks me out a bit. And I do notice that botoxed eyes always miss that happy little crinkle that happens when you truly smile. No one wants that zombie look when the mouth is smiling but the eyes are frozen in place!

So what is the all-natural, anti-injectable solution = HYDRATION!!!

And not only hydration but hydration with the all-natural products that will make the biggest difference.

If you have not tried eye gels yet then get with the program! I use them at least three times a week, usually when I am getting ready in the morning. They take my sleepy, puffy, black-rimmed eyes to fresh and younger. I have found that they are the biggest game changer in my beauty routine.

So let me tell you about Mantra Masks debut into this eye gel world.
Our eye gels have LOTS going for them:

  • all-natural
  • non-toxic
    NANO Encapsulated CBD (anti-inflammatory) for that deeper penetration
    biodegradable coconut gels nourish that delicate under eye skin.

They will reduce dark circles, improve elasticity and cell turnover with ingredients like: 

  • Rye Seed Extract
  • Vitamin K
  • Rice Peptides
  • Pomegranate
  • Green Tea

So don’t wait, don’t inject, keep the lasers away. Get with an eye gel program and let’s get your “windows to the soul” looking “fresh as a daisy”!

Tired, wrinkly eyes – YOU ARE WELCOME!