Here’s a quick list of a few things to stay sane while staying in and staying home!

1. Binge watch
2. Read
3. Puzzle
5. Make a sidewalk chalk message in your neighborhood
6. Bake a cake
7. Make a Shutterfly album from a favorite vacation
8. You Tube some good jokes
9. Challenge your kids to make dinner together
10. Face Time your parents every day
11. Face Time happy hour with your friends
12. Pick up take-out from a local eatery
13. Shop the amazing online sales
14. Plank challenge with your kids
15. Write in a journal
16. Do your nails, your kids’ nails, everyone’s nails!
17. Send an email to check on someone new every day
18. Send that funny joke you learned to them
19. Make a craft cocktail with what you have at home
20. Set a 3 pm ice cream date with the family
21. Organize one thing a day
22. Meditate with the Calm App
23. Watch an old favorite TV show like AFV
24. Check in with a local philanthropy and see what they need
25. Take a drive with your family and look at the beauty around you
26. Take a nap
27. Send a nice note to your kids teacher
28. Get groceries for someone
29. Garden
30. Give yourself a home facial
31. Sit outside and get some Vitamin D
32. Listen to a podcast while cleaning the house
33. Make a theme dinner, dress up and watch a movie that matches the theme
34. Wash all the rugs blankets you usually don’t get to
35. Take a bike ride with the family
36. Have the kids teach you a Tik Tok dance
37. Paint a room or a piece of furniture
38. Wallpaper a wall
39. Sign up for an online course – for work, life, or spiritual life
40. Research your dream job
41. Take an enneagram quiz, find out your number
42. Make a list with family of activities “After Covid-19”
43. Do a fashion show with your kids
44. Date night at home: shower, do your hair, get dressed, put on some perfume
45. Clean out your social media so you only follow what makes you happy
46. Support a small company that really needs sales right now
47. Go through your camera roll and delete what you don’t need
48. Make a list of b-day gift ideas for friends and family for the year
49. Shower your friends and family with LOVE
50. Just breathe and be still. This too shall pass!