Nurture and Be Kind to Yourself

I was just reading an article about Kate Winslet. Did you see her in “Mare of Easttown” recently? First of all, fantastic show and so worth a watch. She was excellent per usual. Do you know what else was amazing? She looked her age. Her hair, face, and body looked like an average woman in their late 40s.

And it was SO refreshing. 

So it’s no surprise that she says in this article that she had not had a pedicure since before the pandemic and just finally had her hair done. Wow, I thought all the movie stars were stealthily running to an underground hair salon, not Kate. 

As the article goes on, Kate talks about how her body is changing  – the funny things we all notice, like the skin on the back of her hands getting “older looking” (Yep, Kate, I’ve noticed that too.) But this is what stuck out: “Winslet stresses she has no desire to turn back the clock or alter anything, though. She’s just enjoying who she is right now, in this moment of time” 

That hit me like a ton of bricks. THIS MOMENT IN TIME.

This is mindfulness at its best, and I am going to take a note out of her book. ENJOY THIS MOMENT IN TIME and enjoy this moment without a desire to turn back the clock. Nurture yourself as a form of self-care, not to chase the mythical fountain of youth. 

This Sunday, we had nothing going on and nowhere to be. I put in a hair mask, put on a Mantra Mask, painted my nails, and then laid back and watched some Bravo TV. It was the most significant gift I have given to myself in a long time. I was so relaxed and woke up Monday ready to take on the week with soft hair, fresh nails, and glowing skin. It wasn’t about vanity, just about slowing down and taking care, and it felt so good.

I am on to something here, being grateful for aging. Self-care Sunday is going to be my thing – and if Sunday is busy, maybe it happens on a Tuesday night, but it will be my weekly gift to myself. I’m going to enjoy the process and, like Kate says, enjoy THIS moment in time. 

Mantra Masks Favorite Self Care Sunday Rituals:

We hope you take on a self-care ritual. You deserve it! 


XOXO, Mantra Mask