Karma..what you put out will come back to you in unexpected ways.  Give only what you don’t mind getting back to you. 

“How people treat you is THEIR Karma; how YOU react is yours.-Wayne Dyer

Karma, simply put means…What goes around comes around.  If you give good energy it will come back in full circle.   So many people live their life not realizing that their actions are influencing others.  

A few tips to ATTRACT the Karma you want..

–  Tell the truth– not only will it attract others that tell the truth it will give you credibility.  Lying is exhausting and you will only attract dishonesty in your life.

–  Help others–  When you help others you are helping yourself.   Nothing feels better then being able to lend a hand, trust me it will come back to you.

–  Practice Kindness–  If you want kindness from others you must give it first.  Have you ever heard the phrase..”the more you give the more you receive?”  it’s true, try it. 

The world could use more good energy, and it all begins with YOU!   You energy can make a difference.     We started a Karma club last month to help spread good Karma.  

For every 5 masks you purchase we will send your friend one for FREE.   Yes, your heard that right.   When you order 5 masks online, email us and give us an address of your bestie and we will send them a FREE mask…..your first step to “what goes around comes around”.    Try it, good things WILL start happening back to you!