The 1-2 Punch! 1

The 1-2 Punch!

Our favorite thing to do while Mantra-Masking is to sip on a delicious SKIN HEALTHY smoothie. 

We love getting our glow on from the inside out!

There are so many healthy options when it comes to a smoothie – but what is really best FOR YOUR SKIN?

This is what we love:

To target wrinkles, dryness dark spots: 

Antioxidants, vitamins Bs, C, E
What we add:
Fresh blueberries, raspberries, and kale or spinach
*Tip – Buy frozen organic berries to get a bigger bang for your buck and put big bags of Kale and Spinach in the freezer to avoid the spoiled, slippery, yucky lettuce that always happens too soon. Plus, you won’t have to add ice, which just waters everything down!


For smooth skin and increased elasticity:
Collagen plus Vitamin C
What we add:
A scoop of powder collagen plus your vitamin C of choice. Instead of sugary OJ, think fresh oranges, strawberries, and kale.
* This is a dynamic duo. The vitamin C will help the body synthesize the collagen and give it a boost.


To soothe irritated skin, hydrate it, and make it smooth:
Healthy fats, Omega 3
What we add:
Avocado and flaxseed: these healthy fats that will keep you full until the next meal.
* They are also anti-inflammatory and make skin look radiant!

Enjoy these tips and remember: Smoothie + masking = happy skin!