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Obvious and Obscure tips for beauty post-40:

Hi friends! I had a chat with my fellow over-40 girlfriends about some of the surprising beauty tips we’ve discovered. Now it’s time to share!

1. Ditch the powder – it makes us look ashy and gets stuck in our wrinkles. Use cream blushes instead of powder ones, too. They are moisturizing and give you a dewy flush.

2. Lashes get thinner so make sure you get all of your mascara off every night to keep them healthy while you sleep. You can use something natural like coconut oil – it cleanses and nourishes your lashes while you sleep!

3. Stay Golden. Stay youthful by using makeup with golden undertones and make sure you colorist give you golden, not ashy blonde hair.

4. Smell good! Now is the time to find your signature scent. Dab it all over. Remember how Carrie from SATC would spray her hair right behind her ears? Smell good when a special someone comes in for a hug!

5. The Light Test. Get a little handheld mirror and check your make up next to a window before you leave. You’ll catch overdone make up and runaway rouge hairs too!

6. Try navy blue mascara instead of black to make your eyes look whiter.

7. Hydrate all the time – water for the inside, Mantra Mask for the outside!

8. Don’t touch those brows! Fuller brows are more youthful. Only pluck the really, really stray hairs… we need to keep our brows as full as we can as long as we can!

9. Shave your face. Yep, I said it! Go to a beauty supply store and get a small face razor – key words for amazon: dermaplane hair trimmer. It cleans up the peach fuzz so your moisturizer can get into your skin, and it exfoliates!

10. SMILE. There is nothing that makes a face prettier!

Now go out there and Be the Energy You Want to Attract!  You got this!