Man and the mask.

Does your man mask… or should I say: Is your Man “man enough” to mask? 

So the other day my husband was getting ready in the bathroom and said, “I look so old!” …

What?! I am used to talking to my girlfriends about our changing faces but not him! I mean I am taking up all the vanity in the relationship worrying about my 45 year old body, face, and hair. And besides that, if HE feels old that means I am too, lol.

Honestly, I have known my husband since he was 19 and feel like he has gotten better looking with age. I call it the “Clooney Factor” that men have. George Clooney was adorable on Facts of Life, super good looking on ER, and just totally HOT by Oceans 11. So many men really grow into their looks. The wrinkles make them look distinguished; the salt and pepper hair makes them look dignified. NO ONE would say that to a woman!

But his comment made me think. Does your man moisturize? I mean I know my husband washes his face (with bar soap!) but other than that he has NO anti-aging program. All these years that I have spent hunting down the perfect serum for myself – and for him…nothing! Men are just so much simpler…sigh.

However, there is a time for everything and I think moisturizing every day for men is a great option, but even more fun, and funnyfrankly, is to throw on a mask together. Just a couple times a week. We had a huge laugh the other night as we settled into our Game of Thrones binge watching with a glass of red wine, and Collagen CBD Masks on our faces. By the time we took them off we both looked 10 years younger! Just kidding, I can ‘t guarantee that but we looked plumped and hydrated. I guess I will let my husband age with a little combo of Clooney Factor and moisturizing. And it’s always more fun when you do it together! The couple that masks together…. laughs together! Happy masking!