Lets Talk Mantras

Mantras are having a moment. They are all over Pinterest, in your feed on Instagam, on the side of buildings and buses. We read them quickly, have an a-ha moment, book mark them, then move on.

Today, do yourself a favor. Think about what you need today. Strength? Patience? Positivity? Find a mantra that is your “affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your best self.” Maybe today’s mantra is just something to get you through THIS day. Tomorrow’s will be different.

You don’t have to sit with your mantra for 10 minutes and meditate or be in a yoga studio. Repeating your mantra to yourself when needed IS a form of meditation.

Be with your mantra ALL DAY. Give yourself the peace of mind by saying the same mantra or affirmation over and over again. Then reflect on this practice at the end of your day, Was your day different, more peaceful, more mindful….better?

First find your mantra. Silly to serious, the chorus in so many songs we love can be the best mantras, so listen to the radio:

Let it Go”

Don’t worry be happy”

Or find something something very simple to focus on when your thoughts go negative:

I am healthy”

I am strong”

Maybe it’s something you are aspiring to get to:

Don’t stop trying”

Don’t say maybe if I want to say no”

Think before I speak”

A negative mind will not give me a positive life”

Nothing can stop me today—I can only stop myself”

Or you need to slow yourself down:

I am present in this moment”

I feel confident”

I feel grounded”

And last of all, don’t forget to read our inspiring mantras everytime you open your Mantra Mask. Sit back, mask, and mantra!

Do you have a Mantra? Share below. We want to know!

Namaste XOXO