I am going to say something right now that may be HIGHLY controversial, especially from someone who lives in Southern California. What if some lines on your face in your mid-40s are ok? 

I’ve met so many beautiful middle-aged women. Some with fillers and botox done so well that you think they have found the fountain of youth. Others with plenty of laugh lines around their mouth and eyes to make you feel like: This girl is a lot of fun. She laughs unapologetically. She’s comfortable in her skin. She’s got this.

I think at a party I might be more apt to take my glass of chardonnay over to the gal with the crinkly, smiling eyes then the smooth-faced lady with 16-year-old skin. I know that might be judgmental but it kinds of makes sense, right?

In the end, we are all just trying to do our best with this thing called aging. I remember proudly announcing in my 30s that I would never do botox and just age gracefully. Then I hit my 40s and realized that gravity is in control here and you just AGE. I mean you can say gracefully to make yourself feel better. But you start to look older. Things change. It’s scary.

So let me take back my judgment from above. We are all just doing the best we can. On one of those “I’m feeling older” days, some of us may remedy it with a glass of wine and lots of laughs with your husband or BFF . For someone else, it’s time to run to the dermo for a little something to pep up that sagging face.

The key for me to take me back to reality is that word GRATEFUL. It really puts in all in perspective right? I am grateful I am here. I am grateful I am healthy. I am grateful for this life. You can’t beat father time, but you can sure enjoy the ride!