Do you have dry skin??

Got Dry Skin?

I have been struggling this winter, more than ever, with dry skin. For us Southern Californians, it has been way colder then we are used to. I can’t remember a time where I’ve had my heater on so much, or worn my Ugg boots and puffer jacket non-stop – even in the house! The heater, coupled with HOT showers to warm up my body just means disaster for my skin. 

I thought I had a rash on my face and it turned out to be REALLY dehydrated skin so I took my problem to a professional – a wonderful facialist named Hannah. 

She gave me some great tips to get my skin back on track. I call them the 1-2-3 punch and they worked! So I am sharing them with you!

1. Mask:

You would think this would be a no brainer for me but I usually do a couple masks a week.  I upped the number to every other day… actually every day for three days to really drench my parched skin. HUGE difference! And I put the extra serum in the pouch all over my chest and arms. All of the dry skin bumps disappeared. I love doing a mask right before bed and letting all that good stuff sink into my skin all night. I wake up feeling so hydrated and my skin glows.

2. Sweet Almond Oil:

This was a whole new thing for me. Hannah told me to go and get sweet almond oil at Sprouts and be very generous with it. She said that essentially any oil that is organic and cold pressed will do the trick and it needs to be my best friend this winter! She told me to add it to my cleanser when I am washing, and my moisturizer. I was even putting it straight onto my face throughout the day.  It has been amazing. I love putting the extra oil left on my hands through my hair – just enough to give me some shine without being too greasy.

3. I love “Food is Medicine” so when I heard “Moisturize from the Inside Out” it made perfect sense. The food I really bumped up in my diet this last month:

– Avocados: So good for skin!

– Healthy oils: I even put a little olive oil on my avocado toast in the morning.

– Salmon: I know Salmon is great for our skin, but recently read that a symptom of Omega 3 deficiencies is dry skin. I upped the salmon big time. 

So I have been doing this 1-2-3 punch against dry skin and I can tell you that I went from the worst skin of my adulthood to pretty near the best! The other day I saw my mom and she said “Did you just get a facial today?” …Nope mom, just 3 important changes that will stick with me through ALL the seasons! Hope this helps you too!