The Power of Lavender - 5 Reasons You Need it in Your Skincare

We’re kind of crushing over lavender over here at Mantra Mask.

We always knew we loved it for its calming properties – and it’s just so pretty too. But once we realized how amazing it is for skin – we’ve gone down a lavender rabbit hole, you could say. That’s why it’s the star of the show for our new CBD Coconut Eye Gels with Lavender.

We firmly believe that the best nutrients for your skin are from Mother Nature.
The history of lavender is pretty epic – people and lavender can be traced back to the bible. It had a different name then – “spikenard” as it was called- a special ointment rubbed on Jesus’ feet and hair. It’s incredible for skin, sleep, health, even fungus!

Then going into Roman times, lavender was everywhere – for cleaning one’s body, clothes, warding off infection, and healing wounds. It was plentiful and a total workhorse.

It’s a pretty ringing endorsement that lavender has been therapeutic and healing since, well, forever. It’s powerful and, like many say – a magical plant.
And it’s a plant for the masses: easy to grow, it just needs lots of sun, and it’s pretty hardy and resilient.

Why is it the perfect combo with the eye area?
The eye area ages pretty rapidly. Just like everything else, gravity takes over. The tissue and muscles around your eyelids weaken. The fat around your eyes can move down; this leads to bags for some people. You can also have fluid retention under the eyes (maybe even just from a salty meal!)

It just so happens that lavender is perfect for treating our aging, tired eyes, so we decided to put this super-star into our eye gels for some pretty good reasons. Here’s a list of some you might know about and some you don’t!

  1. It’s a proven anti-inflammatory for the skin. Not only can it soothe and calm red skin, and it helps calm irritated and inflamed eye areas by actually working to repair damaged skin tissue.
  2. We all know that the SMELL of lavender soothes us but did you know it helps drain fluid under the eyes that cause bags? Mixed with coconut, it is a perfect mixture to soothe, hydrate, and drain. (What do you know, both coconut AND lavender are in our under-eye gels!) It’s soothing and de-puffs.
  3. Wrinkle fighter! Lavender is full of antioxidants. It helps the body recover from oxidative stress, like damage caused by environmental stressors – (UV rays or pollution).
  4. Plumps and Firms. This study shows that a topical application of lavender healed wounds significantly faster than wounds not treated with lavender. The lavender oil greatly stimulated collagen production – precisely what our aging eye skin needs!
  5. Lavender helps reduce the appearance of dark circles as well. With cooling and soothing properties- it helps to drain the fluid that contributes to dark under-eye circles.

The eyes are the “window to the soul,” keeping them young and fresh-looking has a dramatic impact. Try our new CBD Coconut Eye Gels with Lavender ASAP to turn back time!