Our Anti-Aging Sheet Mask speaks for itself!

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See what our clients are saying; 

“I’m addicted to the Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. My skin looks and feels amazing, all of my fine lines have disappeared.” – Anchor Day Spa

“I love the Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. With just one use (!) I noticed obvious skin firming and hydration with the collagen mask, and brilliant soothing and calming with the damage repair- I can only imagine the results using these bi-weekly!” – Fireflyfieldsliving

“First off, OMG. This mask is heavenly… The sheet was silky soft, adhered very well, and fit me perfectly – which is rare…The scent was fresh and sweet…my skin was hydrated, bouncy, and soft all at the same time. My skin was beaming and looked and felt healthier. I would recommend  this mask to everyone with any type”  – Maskerella

I was really impressed with my Anti-Aging Sheet Mask purchase. It was so fun to do mask night with my daughters and because it’s made in USA I know the product is safe for our skin. It’s amazing how soft and hydrated my skin felt and my friends actually noticed after a few masks that my skin looked healthier and younger!  –  Kathe Van Hoften 

I have tried all 3 different masks and could not be more impressed! They work exactly as described and feel so refreshing. I would recommend these masks highly for everyone. You don’t know what you’re missing.  –   Denise Del Carlo

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Hyaluronic Acid – The corner stone of every anti-aging product and all dry skin treatments … nature’s most potent hydrator that is naturally produced in our skin.  As we age production drops and supplementation is often needed. 

 Salva Hispanica Extract – Over time, skin loses strength and elasticity, resulting in fine lines and visible signs of aging.  This unique extract from Chia seeds harnesses the therapeutic properties of Salvia hispanica seed mucilage to naturally strengthen and revitalize the skin.  Calms and soothes the skin providing antioxidant and moisturizing benefits.  Reduces irritation and aids sensitive skin.  Scientific studies show it to be both moisturizing and inflammation reducing. 

 Pisum Sativum Peptides – A natural source of amino acids from green pea protein that provides a plant based hypoallergenic source of balanced protein amino acids to the skin which hydrates and protects the skin.

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