Get Radiant Results, Naturally.

Doctor formulated CBD sheet masks to address every skincare need.

Get Radiant Results, Naturally.

Doctor formulated CBD sheet masks to address every skincare need.

Mantra Mask is where beauty meets inspiration.

We combine CBD and all-natural ingredients to create clean beauty products that target the specific needs of your complexion. Our sheet masks are scientifically formulated to address everything from aging to acne and come with a positive mantra to remind you of your inner glow. All of our products harness the amazing healing and anti-inflammatory power of CBD to enhance your skin, naturally.


CBD Sheet Masks

Our CBD sheet masks effectively drench the skin with hydrating, brightening, and anti-aging ingredients. We recommended leaving on for 20 minutes, providing the perfect mini facial and pampering. We custom-designed the mold of our sheet mask to comfortably fit all faces.

CBD Skincare

CBD Eye Gels – nourish that delicate under eye skin, reduce dark circles, improve elasticity and cell turnover.

CBD Charcoal Cleanser – reduces blemishes, absorbs skin oils and pollutants, and reduces the daily damage caused by free radicals generated by environmental exposure. Your go-to daily cleanser.

Hemp CBD Collagen Protective Spray – kills harmful bacteria while repairing, rejuvenating and moisturizing skin. Use throughout the day to fight free radicals and tame acne.

Collagen Power Boost Serum – an intense age-defying moisture surge. Perfect to spritz after cleansing and throughout the day.

Reusable Silicone Mask – an occlusive barrier locking in moisture and helping your skin absorb the CBD Collagen Serum or a paper sheet placed under the reusable mask.

The Kits

Bye-Bye Blemishes – a powerful kit to fight acne, naturally.

Sparkle and Glow Kit – the perfect introductory to sheet masking, the perfect go-to gift, the perfect everything kit!

Monthly Subscription

Sign up for a subscription box – make masking easy with 5 sheet masks sent to you monthly or quarterly.

Not seeing a difference? You can stop your membership anytime.Go with the mantra club and get plumped, hydrated and better looking skin!

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