Bad Habits

Remember when Covid hit, we were on lockdown, and we were all sitting on our couches and drinking wine like crazy, waiting for the gym to open and not sure if we could even go for a walk outside?

Then about three weeks in, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Do all the free online classes. Walk the dog – TWICE a day. Make fresh bread. Drink tea and download meditation apps?

Well, here we are now. Living this Covid but not quite lockdown life. Can be with friends and but not too many. Can go to some gyms, but not too many. Haven’t got back into our grooves with working out. Can’t go to anything BIG and FUN. Concerts, weddings, celebrations,

We’re just sort of waiting and kind of EH.

It’s BAD HABIT CENTRAL around here.

LET’S KICK THEM TOGETHER! Here are the top 4 offenders in my life. I decided to focus on ONE thing for each lousy habit to turn things around. It’s working. Baby steps get you there.

Let’s baby-step through this together!

Drinking: I NEVER used to drink this much wine. The boozy days of covid have seeped into the holidays with more extra time and the work-from-home life. Not many of us are getting on the road at the crack of dawn to commute anymore. You get an extra hour of sleep in the morning. You can live this slower Covid life with a few glasses of wine every night. But it’s not good in the long run; anyone can tell you that! Couple that with the fact that there isn’t much to DO when we get together with friends besides knocking back a few cocktails.

ONE THING I CHANGED: Step oneMAKE a plan. For me, I need to tell myself how many nights I can drink and how many I can’t. It doesn’t matter when it is – sometimes you need two yummy glasses of red wine on a Tuesday night. It’s up to me! A friend of mine decided on a total number of drinks per week and then doled them out accordingly. Figure it out and STICK TO IT!

Snacking: You are home more. Working from home, schooling from home, and there just isn’t as much to do. You wander into the kitchen out of boredom or a break from the computer. You grab a handful of chips. Repeat 2 hours later. Sound familiar?

ONE THING I CHANGED: Adding more protein into my diet. Don’t carb out. I have doubled up on the morning protein and don’t think about food as much. Also – avoid the kitchen! Leave the kitchen table and work outside, on your bed, mix it up!

Scrolling: This is a hard one. I just blocked out some time on my schedule to WRITE THIS BLOG, and guess what? I spent 25 minutes on Reelz. I went down the Lisa Rinna rabbit hole. It’s easy to do (why is she so entertaining? I think because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That’s a whole other blog, lol).

ONE THING I CHANGED: No social media on the weekends. At all. I have to be on social during the week for work, so I give myself the weekends OFF. It has been so easy. And guess what, I am not missing a thing.

Skincare: The zombi-ing out leads to late nights on the couch, falling asleep, then getting up to go to bed with just enough energy to brush my teeth, not go through your skincare ritual.

ONE THING I CHANGED: Night-time ritual is important. Instead of quickly washing my face before I roll into bed, I head upstairs before couch time. I take my time and wash my face. I am sheet masking so much more – my current fave is the Mantra Mask CBD Marine Hydration Sheet Mask – and my skin is so much happier! Before your evening couch sesh, wash your face, bring a sheet mask to the couch with you. Scare your significant other (haha).

So far, my small changes are reaping big rewards. I feel better, more energized, and HEALTHIER!

Friends, we can turn this around! 2021 is a FRESH start! Just remember, just take one step at a time. Little steps make a HUGE difference!

Here’s to good choices!

Mantra Mask


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    i love masking at home…i love being at home.

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